The world leader in ammunition sealing technology, Hernon Manufacturing

The world leader in ammunition sealing technology, Hernon Manufacturing

Hernon, the world leader in ammunition sealing technology, is a manufacturer of a wide selection of high performance adhesives, sealants and precision application equipment.

Presently greater than 90% of the world’s leading small caliber ammunition manufacturers are benefiting from Hernon’s advantage.

U.V. LED curable bullet paint tip identification

Excellent scratch, environmental and water resistant bullet tip coating. Allows for easy vision inspection. Cures in seconds, UV curable. Multiple colors available.

External ammunition sealant

External ammunition sealant is a low viscosity penetrating material capable of bonding and sealing primers and bullets in ammunition. It is specially formulated for pre-assembled components; it works by capillary action offering sealed ammunition, improved standard deviation and bullet pull force. Sealed ammunition will meet and exceed the US Army and US Navy waterproofing test within 30 minutes. This product cures upon exposure of 2 seconds to UV light and formulated for high speed production. Internally the sealant cures anaerobically. The cured adhesive is visible under black light for vision inspection is a thermoset plastic with excellent solvent and environmental resistance suitable for temperatures -40F to 400ºF (204ºC).

Blank ammunition sealant

Hernon Blank Ammunition Sealant is a medium viscosity, UV and LED curable compound formulated to provide high performance, fast curing, coating and sealing of ammunition blank tips. This product is also used for shallow potting applications.

Shotgun crimp sealant

Hernon offers many specialized products for shot shell production. Primer Cup External Sealants – Waterproof press fit primer cups to shell casings.

Crimp sealants for buffer retention, water resistance and waterproofing. Sealant options include UV curable, acrylic/water-based or solvent-based.

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures high performance adhesives and sealants as well as UV LED curing lights and precision dispensing equipment. With over 5,000 unique formulas and dozens of dispensing and curing products, Hernon’s merchandise is utilized in a wide variety of industries for large scale manufacturing and MRO activities. Hernon Manufacturing, Inc is based out of their headquarters in Sanford, FL. and ships to over 60 nations worldwide through a network of distributors and partners with over 100 locations.

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